Solar panel prices fall in Pakistan; check latest updates


LAHORE – The prices of solar panels have decreased considerably in Lahore just before the onset of summer season.
As per the media reports, solar systems of 7 to 15 kilowatts capacity are now Rs100,000 to Rs200,000 cheaper.

The price of a 7-kilowatts system has been reduced by Rs100,000 to Rs825,000. Similarly, the cost of a 10-kilowatt system has decreased to Rs1.125 million.
A 12-kilowatt system now costs Rs1.4 million and a 15-kilowatts Rs1.6 million after reduction of Rs200,000.

Last month, prices of solar panels witnessed Rs75,000 to Rs300,000 increase due to rising demand.
The cost of a 7-kilowatt system was more than Rs920,000 last month. Price of a 10-kilowatt solar panel system was Rs1.25 million. Similarly, a 12-kilowatt system’s price was Rs1.6 million and that of a 15-kilowatt system Rs1.8 million

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