Minister remains steadfast in his commitment to advancing the TAPI project


Ambassador of Turkmenistan H.E. Atadjan Movlamov called on Federal Minister for Petroleum Dr Musadik Malik in his office today.
The ambassador conveyed his felicitations to the minister on assumption of office and commended his dedication.
Acknowledging the Ambassador’s warm wishes, Minister Dr Musadik Malik expressed gratitude for the ambassador’s support and pledged to uphold the partnership between both the countries.
Dr Musadik remarked that TAPI is a flagship project and Pakistan is committed for its completion. Notably, during his previous stint in office, the project experienced unprecedented momentum, resulting in significant progress and tangible outcomes. Looking ahead, Minister remains steadfast in his commitment to advancing the project so its does not lose momentum.

H.E Atadjan Molamov briefed that the intergovernmental commission and working groups meetings are scheduled for this year. TAPI is a win-win situation for all parties involved, added the ambassador. Ambassador extended the invite for the energy forum Turkmenistan will be hosting in Paris.

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