“Sindh’s Energy Potential: Minister Nasir Hussain Shah Highlights Investment Opportunities During Meeting with British High Commissioner”


During a meeting with British High Commissioner Jane Marriott, Sindh’s Provincial Minister of Energy, Development, and Planning, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, emphasized the abundant and lucrative opportunities available for both domestic and foreign investors in Sindh’s energy sector. Minister Shah noted that Sindh stands as Pakistan’s energy hub, boasting a wind corridor capable of generating 55,000 MW and a solar potential reaching 10 GW.

Key Points from the Meeting:

Minister Nasir Hussain Shah highlighted that Sindh currently contributes 1845 MW of electricity from wind and 250 MW from solar sources to the national grid.

The meeting also discussed ongoing projects aimed at generating electricity, including 100 MW from waste, 15 MW from water, 400 MW from floating solar systems, and 500 MW from green hydrogen technology.

Notably, with support from the World Bank, Sindh is transitioning all government buildings to solar energy, and a 400 MW solar park is under construction.

The British High Commissioner praised Sindh’s government and the energy department for their efforts in various energy projects and expressed readiness to encourage British investors to participate in Sindh’s energy sector.

Minister Nasir Shah thanked the British High Commissioner for her visit, acknowledging mutual cooperation and streamlined facilities for British investors.

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