India’s Hydropower Output Witnesses Steepest Decline in 38 Years


India experienced a significant 16.3% decline in hydroelectricity output, marking the sharpest drop in at least 38 years, according to a Reuters analysis of government data. This decline in hydroelectric generation coincided with a slight decrease in the share of renewables in power generation, a departure from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitments to enhance solar and wind capacity. Renewables accounted for 11.7% of India’s power output in the fiscal year ending in March, down from 11.8% the previous year, based on data from Grid-India. The country’s reliance on coal-fired power increased amid erratic rainfall and low reservoir levels, leading to concerns about higher emissions and energy security. Experts anticipate continued low hydro output during the upcoming hot months, potentially increasing coal dependence until the monsoon season begins in June.

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