“K-Electric Proposes Non-Disclosure Agreement with JPCL for Thar Coal Conversion”


K-Electric (KE) has put forward a proposal for a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Jamshoro Power Company Limited (JPCL) to safeguard data related to the conversion of JPCL’s 600-MW unit to Thar coal, according to informed sources.

In continuation of previous communications and discussions, KE has submitted its NDA proposal to the Secretary Power, following its earlier letter regarding the approval of KE’s Integrated Generation Plan (IGP) dated January 31, 2024. The Ministry of Energy (Power Division) Committee, tasked with due diligence on KE’s IGP, convened on April 1, 2024, further emphasizing the need for data access.

During recent meetings, it was decided that KE should have access to complete project data from JPCL to facilitate internal assessments by relevant stakeholders, including potential lenders and other entities involved in the transaction.

KE underscores its ongoing efforts towards the conversion of Jamshoro unit-01 to 100% local coal, citing numerous activities undertaken since the committee’s approval of KE’s IGP in November 2023. The company emphasizes the economic benefits and the provision of affordable energy to Karachi residents through this conversion.

Last year, KE submitted a business case for the conversion of JPCL’s unit-1 to 100% Thar coal, highlighting significant economic advantages and the impact on Pakistan’s energy landscape.

KE’s engagement with Power Division and associated entities, along with stakeholder inputs, underscores its commitment to realizing the potential benefits of Thar coal conversion and contributing to Pakistan’s economic growth.

Story by Mushtaq Ghumman

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