PM Advocates for Renewable Energy, Commends Punjab’s Anti-Theft Measures


Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has reiterated his push for renewable energy generation, commending the Punjab government’s efforts to combat power theft. In a recent high-level meeting focused on the power sector, he emphasized the need to transition towards renewable energy sources, highlighting the challenges posed by oil tanker companies and the potential benefits of renewable energy in reducing oil imports for power generation.

During the meeting, PM Shehbaz referred to crude oil tanker companies as a “mafia” that exploits the country’s resources, emphasizing the importance of electric transport infrastructure to control crude oil imports used for transportation. He lauded the Punjab government’s progress in curbing power theft and expressed optimism that other provinces would follow suit.

Acknowledging the challenges in the electricity transmission system, PM Shehbaz stressed the need for effective investment in infrastructure alongside renewable energy initiatives. He directed relevant authorities to engage ‘world-class’ consultants to address sectoral issues and develop mechanisms for utilizing surplus electricity, noting the recent positive impact of rain on hydropower generation.

Overall, PM Shehbaz’s emphasis on renewable energy reflects a strategic shift towards sustainable power solutions and a commitment to addressing key challenges in Pakistan’s energy landscape.

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