Pakistan Seeks Three-Year IMF Programme for Economic Reform


Pakistan is actively engaging with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a new multi-billion dollar loan agreement to support its economic reform agenda. Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb has indicated that Pakistan will request a three-year programme during discussions with the IMF.

Aurangzeb, currently in Washington for the IMF and World Bank spring meetings, highlighted the country’s need for structural reforms to address economic challenges. The ongoing nine-month, $3 billion IMF loan programme is nearing completion, with Pakistan now seeking a larger and extended programme to bolster market confidence and address economic needs.

In addition to economic reforms, Pakistan is navigating its relationships with major partners like the United States and China amidst a trade war. Aurangzeb emphasized the importance of maintaining strong ties with the US, while also acknowledging China’s significant investments in Pakistan through projects like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

As part of the reform agenda, Pakistan is focused on privatizing state-owned enterprises (SOEs) such as Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The government aims to finalize the privatization of PIA by June and plans to accelerate privatization efforts across other sectors in the coming years.

Overall, Pakistan’s economic strategy involves a balance between IMF support, trade partnerships, and domestic reforms to stabilize and strengthen its economy.

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