WWEA Takes Leading Roles in IRENA Coalition for Action


At the recent annual strategy meeting of the IRENA Coalition for Action, WWEA (World Wind Energy Association) assumed key positions to drive global renewable energy initiatives forward. WWEA Secretary General Stefan Gsänger has been elected as the chair of the new “Empowering People and Communities” working group, focusing on the socioeconomic and environmental benefits of an inclusive energy transformation. Alongside Gsänger, Shota Furuya from the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (Japan) and Brian Kawuma from Power for All will collaborate to promote local value creation, quality employment, and community ownership in the energy sector.

Additionally, WWEA Vice President Monica Oliphant continues her role as a member of the Coalition’s Steering Group, overseeing strategic activities and guiding the coalition’s direction. Dr. Ibrahim Togola, WWEA Vice President, will coordinate the task force on “Best practices for agri-renewables projects,” emphasizing diverse geographic, technological, and socio-economic aspects of renewable energy applications in agriculture.

Dr. Irfan Mirza, WWEA President, reaffirmed WWEA’s commitment to global sustainable energy goals and collaboration with IRENA, highlighting WWEA’s proposal for a Global Renewable Energy Development Fund to support renewable energy development in developing and underdeveloped countries.

Stefan Gsänger emphasized the importance of empowering people for a renewable energy future, while Monica Oliphant expressed her honor in representing WWEA on the Steering Committee. Dr. Ibrahim Togola highlighted the engagement of IRENA in involving non-government representatives in global renewable energy agendas.

These developments underscore WWEA’s active role in advancing renewable energy and fostering international cooperation towards a resilient energy future.

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