IMF board to approve $1.1bn on 29th


WASHINGTON: The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will meet on April 29 to finalise its last review of Pakistan’s $3 billion Stand-By Arrangement (SBA).
“According to the IMF’s event calendar, the review meeting is set for 10:00am on April 29,” a diplomatic source informed Dawn.
Earlier this week, the Fund published a schedule of the Executive Board’s meetings on its website, which indicated Nigeria as the country whose programme would be reviewed on April 29. The subsequent meeting on May 1 will review IMF programmes with Kiribati and Montenegro, with Pakistan notably absent from the list.
Previous statements from both the IMF and Pakistani officials indicated that not only would the board convene on April 29, but it would also approve the release of the final tranche of $1.1 billion under the SBA signed in June 2023.
He highlighted the competitive advantages that make Pakistan an ideal destination for investors seeking high returns and sustainable growth.
The minister also highlighted the role of the Special Investment Facilitation Council in assisting investors at every stage of their journey, comprehensive support services including market research, regulatory guidance, investment facilitation, and post-investment support, ensuring a smooth experience.

Story by Anwar Iqbal

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