Government’s Clean Energy Policy Under Scrutiny


Pakistan’s government faces scrutiny over its conflicting energy policies, as it touts promoting solar energy while planning to expand IPP contracts. Reports indicate the Ministry of Power is busy discouraging solar panel installations:

The Central Power Purchasing Agency has sent a summary to the Power Ministry proposing to charge Rs. 2000 per kilowatt from solar panel grids, up from Rs. 12 per kilowatt.
The government plans to charge domestic or commercial solar panel owners Rs. 2000 per kilowatt, intending to collect Rs. 24,000 from 12-kilowatt solar panel users.
The Power Division has forwarded a summary to the Prime Minister for CPPIA’s approval.
Simultaneously, there’s a review of installed solar panel rates underway, and a request to reduce solar panel prices post-approval.
Net metering solar panels are set at Rs. 21 per unit, contrasting the expensive IPP contracts for generating electricity.
This inconsistency raises questions about the government’s renewable energy policy amidst a rapid increase in solar panel installations and a booming billion-rupee industry in the sector.

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