Gas Supply Constraints Continue Despite Reduction in Local Gas Flow


The country’s gas transmission system faces ongoing challenges as local gas fields have reduced supply to prevent system breakdowns, leading to a significant drop in gas volume pressure. Despite reducing local gas flow by 342 mmcfd, the line pack pressure in the Sui Northern System has escalated to a dangerous level of 5.155 bcfd as of April 25, 2024.

Energy ministry officials noted that the reduction in local gas flow poses risks to maintaining current production levels. However, there are limited options available to ease pressure, especially as RLNG consumption by the industrial sector declines. Gas companies are redirecting RLNG to the domestic sector, exacerbating the pressure in load centers like Punjab and Sindh, particularly during the summer months.

The daily RLNG intake in the country is at 998 mmcfd, leading to an excess in line pack above the limit of 4.5 bcf. Authorities are constrained from halting LNG imports due to contractual obligations, which would incur demurrage costs. Consequently, gas flows from local gas fields continue to be scaled down to manage the situation.

In the Sui Southern system, similar challenges persist with line pack pressure at 2.003 bcf. The power sector’s consumption is being monitored closely to alleviate pressure in transmission pipelines, highlighting ongoing efforts to manage the gas supply constraints effectively.

Story by Khalid Mustafa

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