Pakistan Wind Energy Association Raises Alarm Over Continuous Power Curtailment


The Pakistan Wind Energy Association (PakWEA) has sounded the alarm over persistent power curtailment affecting Wind Power Producers (WPPs), leading to financial strain and project viability concerns. PakWEA has urgently requested attention from federal authorities to address the ongoing curtailment issues that threaten the financial sustainability of WPP projects.

In a letter to the Power Minister, PakWEA highlighted that the excessive curtailment has put WPP members in a precarious position, jeopardizing their ability to meet debt obligations and maintain project viability. This situation is particularly concerning as many WPPs have foreign financial backing, raising the specter of default and potential enforcement actions.

Furthermore, HAWA Energy and Jhimpir Power have raised similar concerns regarding curtailment practices that contravene contractual agreements and government policies promoting renewable energy. They emphasize the need for adherence to agreements and policies to ensure the financial health of renewable energy projects and attract future investments.

The continuous curtailment, if left unchecked, could not only destabilize existing WPP operations but also deter future investments in Pakistan’s renewable energy sector.

Story by Mushtaq Ghumman

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