Power Division Expresses Concerns Over Solarisation’s Impact on National Grid


The Power Division in Islamabad has voiced apprehensions regarding the growing trend of solarisation, especially in the context of net-metering, stating that it is straining the national power system. The division has urged the government to consider implementing a new time-of-use (TOU) tariff for consumers to address these challenges.

During a recent Nepra public hearing on additional fuel charges adjustments, officials highlighted a notable 7.5% decline in electricity demand compared to reference targets for March. This decline, attributed partly to solar energy integration, has led to a shift in demand patterns, particularly during sunset hours, resulting in sudden surges in electricity load.

Furthermore, discussions at the hearing emphasized the need to evaluate evolving grid patterns to ensure grid stability amidst changing consumption behaviors. Officials also discussed plans to transition from net metering to gross metering for consumers who have adopted solar systems, aiming to address revenue losses and maintain a balanced electricity grid.

Additionally, the government is considering reducing the tariff for solar electricity generation on rooftops and implementing new billing mechanisms to manage electricity distribution effectively amidst increasing solarisation trends. This includes proposals to adjust tariffs for solar energy and transition consumers to gross metering systems gradually.

Story by Israr Khan & Khalid Mustafa

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