IMF Approves Final $1.1 Billion Tranche for Pakistan


In Washington, the International Monetary Fund’s Executive Board has given the green light for the immediate release of around $1.1 billion to Pakistan. This decision marks the completion of the second review under the Stand-By Arrangement (SBA), bringing the total disbursements under this program to approximately $3 billion.

The board’s unanimous approval, except for India’s abstention, signals confidence in Pakistan’s strengthened policy efforts under the SBA, which have contributed to stabilizing the economy and initiating modest growth.

The IMF emphasized the importance of Pakistan continuing its policy and reform endeavors, maintaining fiscal targets, and safeguarding vulnerable segments from potential reform impacts. Key recommendations included maintaining a market-determined exchange rate, broadening structural reforms for inclusive growth, and ensuring fiscal sustainability.

Deputy Managing Director Antoinette Sayeh highlighted Pakistan’s progress in economic stability, urging sustained efforts for stronger, inclusive, and sustainable growth. The statement underscored the need for continued revenue mobilization, fiscal discipline, energy sector reforms, monetary policy vigilance, financial sector stability, and structural reforms for job creation and climate resilience.

Story by Anwar Iqbal

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