Intelligence Agencies Expose Rs227 Billion Petroleum Smuggling Racket


Islamabad: Intelligence agencies recently uncovered a massive smuggling operation involving 738 petrol filling stations, corrupt officials, and smugglers, leading to an annual loss of Rs227 billion to the national exchequer.

The racket, which includes 533 petrol pumps, 100 officials, and 105 Iranian oil smugglers, has seen a resurgence since the current government took office. Prior crackdowns had reduced smuggling, but it has now escalated, with thousands of vehicles and boats bringing in millions of litres of oil daily.

The smuggling routes primarily run through Balochistan, with militant groups reportedly profiting from the trade. Payments to Iranian dealers are facilitated through various methods, including Hawala and Hundi systems and remittances from expatriates.

Efforts to curb smuggling include joint check posts and recommendations for stricter laws, internal vigilance, and technological monitoring. The situation highlights the need for immediate and comprehensive action to stem revenue losses and maintain the state’s authority.

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