Gas Crisis Hits Karachi’s Diplomatic Community


The gas supply crisis in Karachi is impacting every segment of society, including the city’s diplomatic community. Iran’s Consul General in Karachi, Hassan Nourian, recently shared his experiences of facing gas challenges, highlighting the difficulty of cooking meals on some nights.

Nourian discussed the energy needs of Pakistan and the long-delayed gas pipeline project between Iran and Pakistan during the Meet the Press program at the Karachi Press Club. He acknowledged the missed deadline for the project’s completion, citing political and technical reasons for the delays but also noting Pakistan’s political determination to finish the project.

The Consul General emphasized Iran’s willingness to cooperate with Pakistan to meet its energy demand, recognizing firsthand the challenges faced by Karachi residents. The pipeline project, not subject to international restrictions according to Nourian, has faced delays due to concerns about US sanctions, with Pakistan requesting a 10-year extension in 2014, set to expire in September this year.

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