World Bank’s Ongoing Support for Energy Sector Reforms Applauded by Pakistani Ministers

Federal Minister for Petroleum Dr. Musadik Malik and Federal Minister for Power Awais Leghari recently met with Martin Raiser, South Asia Regional Vice President of the World Bank, to discuss ongoing reforms and support in the energy sector, as per a press release.

During the meeting, both sides exchanged ideas on the reform agenda and highlighted the technical assistance provided by the World Bank to Pakistan.

Dr. Malik expressed deep gratitude for the World Bank’s consistent support, particularly in structuring governance models and separating tariffs for different income groups. He emphasized areas in the gas sector where collaborative efforts could bring substantial benefits.

Minister Leghari commended the collaboration with the World Bank to enhance efficiency and service delivery in the power sector, emphasizing the need for cooperation in DISCOs’ privatization and system efficiency improvements. A joint working group will be established to address transmission and distribution network enhancements.

Martin Raiser reiterated energy as a focal point in the World Bank’s engagement with Pakistan, pledging full commitment to structural reforms for a cost-effective energy mix. He emphasized the essential link between the gas and power sectors in addressing circular debt challenges.

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