The use of drones offers Red Solar a better PV solution at Mountain


Drones are helping Red Solar achieve better PV solutions in the mountains,Chongqing,China. The project team has completed the PV installations at the construction site. With altitudes ranging from 1200 to 1700 meters, the steep slopes present significant challenges. Constructing a solar power station in this rugged terrain requires unconventional approaches and innovative PV solutions, calling for courage and ingenuity from Red Solar’s team members.

By employing drones, they can overcome various difficulties in mountain transportation and safely and efficiently deliver materials to the destination.

Red Solar engineers carefully plan flight routes, repeatedly simulate flight scenarios, ensuring that drones can navigate obstacles and safely reach the destination. Additionally, they strengthen drone maintenance to ensure stable operation and successful completion of material transport tasks.

“With dedication and perseverance, engineers at RedSolar not only deliver professional PV solutions and services to clients but also contribute to green energy in China and beyond.” Mr. Wu, the Project Manager of RedSolar, watches the drones soar in the sky, filled with pride and joy, as he comments.

As the Chongqing Agricultural-Photovoltaic Complementary Power Station project progresses, the Red Solar project team will continue to explore and innovate PV technological advantages continuously.

We believe that in the days to come, photovoltaic power generation will popularize the whole world, with more contribution to global sustainable development.

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