President Zardari Calls for Global Action on Climate Change and Green Investment

In a recent meeting with Azerbaijan’s Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources and COP29 president-designate, Mukhtar Babayev, President Asif Ali Zardari emphasized the urgent need for global collaboration to combat climate change. He highlighted the importance of adopting green technologies, promoting afforestation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to address environmental challenges effectively.

President Zardari noted that climate change is impacting glaciers and causing water scarcity, stressing that a united effort is crucial to mitigate these adverse effects. He congratulated Azerbaijan on hosting COP29 in November and expressed hope that the conference would establish new financial goals to assist developing nations in meeting their climate finance requirements.

Additionally, Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb, speaking at the UK-Pakistan Green Investment Forum, reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to addressing climate change and creating green investment opportunities. He highlighted Pakistan’s vulnerability to climate impacts despite its minimal contribution to global emissions, emphasizing the need for international support to bridge funding gaps for adaptation and resilience projects.

Minister Aurangzeb outlined Pakistan’s plans to issue domestic green sukuk bonds and engage in innovative financing to finance sustainable development projects. He also discussed improvements in macroeconomic indicators, showcasing Pakistan’s economic stability and commitment to sustained growth.

Overall, these discussions underscore Pakistan’s dedication to environmental sustainability and its call for global cooperation in tackling climate change challenges.

Courtesy APP

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