GoodWe Maintains BBB MSCI ESG Rating in 2023


GoodWe, a leading inverter manufacturer and smart energy solution provider, has received a ‘BBB’ rating in the latest MSCI Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) evaluation. According to the scorecard released by MSCI, GoodWe’s ESG performance in 2023 excelled in Opportunities in Clean Tech and Labor Management, evaluated in various aspects such as the clean tech innovation capacity, employee relations, strength of worker protections, among others.

This marks the second consecutive year that GoodWe has maintained a BBB ESG rating, reflecting its ongoing commitment to sustainable development.

The company took further steps in sustainability endeavors in 2023 by establishing the Sustainable Development Research Institute, aimed at enhancing the efficacy of the company’s ESG governance framework. The institute is responsible for formulating the company’s mid- to long-term sustainable development plan and promoting the effective implementation of sustainable development decisions within the organization.

GoodWe remains committed to advancing its ESG initiatives and looks forward to further enhancing our sustainability performance in the future. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on harnessing smart technology to drive the global energy transition and create value for our partners and society at large.

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