Pakistan and Turkmenistan to Fund TAPI Pipeline Amid Sanction Hurdles


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Turkmenistan have committed to providing the necessary funding for the multibillion-dollar TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) pipeline project due to a lack of international financial support stemming from the global community’s refusal to recognize the government in Afghanistan, revealed Petroleum Minister Dr. Musadik Malik on Wednesday.

Speaking at Pakistan’s Energy Symposium, Malik highlighted Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to advance the TAPI framework. He noted the proposal for an LNG train to transport Turkmen gas to Europe, which could offer a new market for Turkmenistan’s substantial gas reserves.

“Turkmenistan is a landlocked country with significant gas reserves, currently only exporting to China,” Malik stated. “The idea of exporting gas to Europe via an LNG train has been proposed, with the gas flowing through the pipeline to Pakistan and then transported to Europe by train.”

Malik also addressed Pakistan’s interest in importing gas from Iran, despite international sanctions. “Waivers have been granted to some countries, and Pakistan is also seeking such exemptions,” he said.

Discussing the integration of renewables into Pakistan’s energy mix, Malik emphasized the country’s potential in solar, wind, water, and nuclear energy. He pointed out the significant reduction in costs for solar and wind energy, which now stand at 3 to 5 cents per kilowatt-hour, compared to 22 and 23 cents, respectively, in 2018.

“Pakistan can produce green electricity on a large scale using a hybrid system,” Malik stated. “With improving battery technology, we can generate electricity from the sun, wind, and water.”

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