PM Forms Committee to Evaluate Additional Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Projects


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has established a committee to assess the benefits of additional utility-scale renewable energy projects in the public sector. According to sources, the committee will independently evaluate the technical, commercial, and economic parameters of integrating additional solar capacity into the power system, as reported by Business Recorder.

The committee comprises the following members:

Musadik Malik, Minister for Petroleum (Convener)
Capt Muhammad Mahmood (retired), Secretary IT&T (Member)
Waseem Mukhtar, Chairman Nepra (Member)
Fiaz Ahmed Chaudhry, LUMS (Member)
Gerwin Dareesmann, Renewable Energy Expert (Member)
Muhammad Shaid, CEO Pak Solar (Member)
Syed Faizan Ali Shah, GIZ (Member)
Sheraz Khan, Director PPIB (Member)
Terms of Reference (ToRs)
Determine Capacity Threshold: Evaluate the available capacity for optimal integration of solar energy into the power mix, considering the current state of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems.
Feasibility Study: Assess the feasibility of additional solar energy generation through utility-scale projects by analyzing the system’s monthly peak demand during summer and winter and determine the potential solar capacity that can be added.
Tariff Impact Analysis: Examine the tariff implications of additional solar capacity, considering the current installed capacity, government contractual obligations, global solar pricing trends, the existing national tariff structure, and projected demand/supply.
Technical and Financial Requirements: Identify the technical and financial requirements for integrating additional solar power into the system and recommend improvements to the transmission and distribution infrastructure.
Policy Recommendations: Propose policy options to incorporate additional renewable energy into the mix, aiming to reduce the national average power tariff.
Additional Provisions
The Prime Minister has authorized the committee to co-opt additional members if needed to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. The committee is expected to finalize its recommendations within one month, after which the report will be submitted to the Prime Minister for consideration. The Power Division will notify the committee and provide secretarial support.

Story by Mushtaq Ghumman

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