Five Years WorldREnewDay: Time to accelerate the transformation towards 100% renewable energy globally

Five Years WorldREnewDay:

Time to accelerate the transformation towards 100% renewable energy globally and to create a Global Renewable Energy Fund

On the occasion of WorldREnewDay 2024, the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform declares

In the face of the escalating climate crisis, it is now more urgent than ever to fully transition the world’s energy supply to renewable energy as soon as possible. Planet Earth cannot sustain any more greenhouse gas emissions as the climate crisis is already a reality.

Switching from a centralised, nuclear and fossil fuel based energy system to a renewable energy supply offers a unique opportunity to redress global social inequalities by redistributing a large part of the global economy from the few to the many. The sun and the wind belong to everyone. A decentralised renewable energy system, built from bottom up, can provide energy access and energy security to all human beings.

Tripling renewable energy by 2030 is an important goal, but it can only be an interim step towards a 100% renewable energy supply that must be achieved in the following decade.

Energy and climate policies must not favour big investors, but ensure equal participation of all citizens around the world. The world must provide the financial resources needed for this global transformation.

To facilitate this transformation, the world needs dedicated financial facilities that support the transformation and in particular support local investment and local investors in the so-called developing world – and in particular communities, households, municipalities, cooperatives, small farmers etc.

Global100RE therefore calls for a Global Renewable Energy Fund focused on building and financing the renewable energy system from the bottom up. Global100RE invites the global renewable energy community to define the basic structures of such a fund, which must be based on principles of equity, participation and inclusiveness – to ensure that no one is left behind, whether in urban or rural areas, and that also marginalised communities can fully benefit. 


WorldREnewDay was launched in the year 2019 by Global100RE together with the Ambassador for 100% Renewable Energy, Ruslana Lyzhychko, former ESC winner and democracy activist from Ukraine, in order to celebrate the potentials and achievements of a renewable energy world.

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