Suki Kinari Hydropower Project to Start Generation by November


ISLAMABAD: The country’s hydropower generation is set to increase with the commencement of the 884 MW Suki Kinari Hydropower Project in November 2024.

This announcement was made by Shah Jahan Mirza, Managing Director of the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB), during a ceremony organized by CEEC-NEPC-II, a Chinese state-owned company and EPC contractor. The event celebrated the successful completion of the 500kV Suki Kinari Transmission Line Project.

The ceremony was attended by prominent government officials and stakeholders, including representatives from NTDC, NESPAK, MKEC, and their subcontractors CPM, NHC, AEL, CMA, and NATRACON.

Mirza detailed the project’s history, its various phases, and its impact on the national power grid. He highlighted that the Suki Kinari project, a significant green initiative under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) portfolio, represents a $1.8 billion investment. The project will soon begin transmitting low-cost, green power via the newly completed 500kV transmission line, reducing reliance on crude oil and LNG imports and saving billions of dollars annually. This transmission line, spanning 75 kilometers and constructed to evacuate power from the hydropower project to the national grid, stands as an engineering marvel and a symbol of the strong partnership between Pakistan and China.

Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan, chairman of the PM Youth Programs Pakistan, delivered a speech emphasizing the deep bond between Pakistan and China. He praised the exceptional contributions of Project Manager Gai Xiqiang and noted the growing international interest in investing in Pakistan from countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Senator Rana Mahmood ul Hassan, chairman of the Cabinet Committee Senate Pakistan, also attended the event. He expressed gratitude to all parties involved in the project, acknowledging their dedication and collaboration. Senator Hassan underscored the project’s importance as a milestone in Pakistan-China relations and a significant step towards energy security.

Muhammad Mustafa, deputy managing director of NTDC, congratulated his team and the project’s consultant, NESPAK, for their exceptional services. He also acknowledged the perseverance and dedication of Project Manager Gai and the significant contributions of Shahid Mahmood, chief executive of MK Engineers and Constructors (Pvt) Ltd.

Wang, general manager of the China Energy Group’s Pakistan branch, highlighted the longstanding friendship between Pakistan and China. He applauded the unwavering support from the Pakistan Government and the leadership of Project Manager Gai Xiqiang, congratulating all stakeholders on the successful completion of the Suki Kinari Project. He emphasized the project’s significance as a cornerstone of the CPEC initiative, symbolizing progress and cooperation.

The Suki Kinari transmission line, spanning elevations from 696m to 1967m above sea level, stands as a testament to engineering excellence and perseverance. It is considered one of the most challenging power transmission lines in Pakistan’s history, comparable to the Karakoram Highway Project, also known as the China–Pakistan Friendship Highway.

Story by Mushtaq Ghumman

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