Govt Seeks Over Rs6 Per Unit Increase In KE Tariff


The public authority has asked the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) to increment K-Electric’s buyer levy by up to Rs6.02 per unit under two past quarterly changes and permit its recuperation from shoppers in 90 days — April to June — to guarantee public uniform duty. The public authority has previously told an identical expansion in duty for purchasers of ex-Wapda Discos

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Govt Removes Duties on Silicone Sheet Imports To Facilitate Energy Efficient Appliances


The public authority has chosen to eliminate obligations on import of silicon steel sheets which is utilized for assembling of electric fans, engines, clothes washers, transformers to work with the creation of energy productive home apparatuses. The choice comes in line after the public authority restricted the assembling, creation of conventional fans and bulbs from July 1, 2023 as it consumes higher energy.

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CPPA, KE To Soon Sign Power Purchase Agreement For 1,000MW


The Focal Power Buy Organization (CPPA) and K-Electric would before long consent to the Power Buy Arrangement (PPA) at a negligible tax of Rs22/unit to start giving 1,000MW of power before the start of FY2024. Under the proposed understanding, the central government would will undoubtedly give 1,000MW of power at the base, which could go up relying on the accessibility of overabundance power in the public framework, a senior authority of the Energy Service told The News.

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Govt To Approve Amendments To MA, PPA And NA of UCH Power


The public authority is to endorse corrections to Dominate Arrangement (Mama), Power Buy Understanding (PPA) and the Novation Arrangement (NA) of Uch Power (Private) Restricted (UPL) as finished by CPPA-G and the power project organization, sources near Overseeing Chief PPIB. The Leading group of PPIB has additionally supported proposed corrections for ahead accommodation to the Monetary Coordination Council (ECC) of…

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Ministry Given Six Weeks To Draft Fuel Relief Package


Government is drafting a fuel estimating plan pointed toward assisting poor people, the petrol with ministering said, a program that a few financial specialists dread could upset a pivotal Worldwide Money related Asset pay out expected to forestall monetary breakdown. Top state leader Shehbaz Sharif originally reported the public authority’s arrangements for fuel valuing the week before.

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