SITE Association Body calls for restoration of gas

SITE Association of Industry President Suleman Chawla on Friday expressed deep concern over low gas pressure in SITE area of Karachi and urged Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) to immediately restore gas to the industrial sector with required pressure; otherwise, production will come to a complete halt. In a statement, he mentioned that for the last three days, industrialists were facing severe low gas pressure due to which production was badly affected, especially for the exporters. Chawla added that industries were already fighting with the Covid-19 pandemic for the last five months but it was unfortunate that such steps were making it difficult for the industries to function smoothly, and now this gas pressure has increased difficulties for the industrialists. The president appealed to the prime minister and concerned ministries to immediately take notice of this, and instruct SSGC to provide required gas pressure; “otherwise, most industries would close down and export orders would be badly affected.”

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