The World Health Organization warns countries not to be complacent in measures to prevent Corona

The Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s emergency program, Dr.Mike Ryan, has warned all countries of the world against negligence in following the measures to prevent the emerging coronavirus, from wearing a face mask, social distancing, etc.

For his part, the Director-General of the International Organization, Dr. Tadros Adhanom, said – in a press conference, today / Monday / – at the organization’s headquarters in Geneva – that the world is currently witnessing an increase in the number of new infections with the Coronavirus, especially in Europe and the Americas, noting that the highest number of cases is in the last four days, it was recorded at the same time that the occupancy of hospitals and intensive care rooms increased in cities.

Adhanom noted that 70% of these cases were in ten countries only, and half of the cases were in only three countries.

He stressed that the known measures to protect and prevent the spread of the virus are still the best line of defense against its spread, pointing out that the

so-called herd immunity concerns the protection of a certain number of the population when a certain degree of vaccination is reached.

He stressed that throughout history it was not known that the protection of the herd was used during an outbreak, noting that despite the increase in information about the virus day after day, it is not known how long immunity is available to a person after recovery, and there is no complete picture of this at the same time that There have been examples of people who have contracted the virus twice, along with most people still being at risk of contracting the virus.

For her part, Dr. Sumiya Swaminathan, chief scientist of the World Health Organization, said in response to journalists’ questions, that things are going well with the candidate vaccines, and there are a large number of them, including what reached the last stage of trials.

Dr. Soumiya indicated that when the organization is informed of all the information on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, which is expected between December and the first of next year, this will be presented to legislators to make a decision about who gets the license from them, pointing out that what is lacking now within the Kovacs facility for access Fair for all countries to the expected vaccine, is to raise two billion dollars until the end of this year and 5 billion next year to provide the vaccine to 92 countries.

Commenting on the study that indicated that the Coronavirus lives on the surfaces of money, mobile phones, and some other surfaces for about 82 days, Dr. Maria Vankerkov, the organization’s expert, said that the study, which was published in laboratory conditions and not in the real world, was at twenty degrees Celsius, and reached To that result.

She added that the organization urges cleaning surfaces regularly, cleaning hands and washing them with soap and water regularly, and using hand sanitizer. Because these practices are the most effective at killing all germs, microbes, and viruses.

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