Pakistan’s laudable achievements in nuclear technology

Pakistan is aware of the myriad benefits that come from exploring nuclear technology for power generation and has demonstrated a commitment to gradually diversify its energy production from fossil to nuclear sources.

Atomic energy is not just about bombs that are dropped over cities and people, but it also has a potential for something positive for the mankind. There is a general lack of awareness when it comes to the massive potential of atomic energy in solving many of the mankind’s problems. Atom can be utilized in a whole range of ways for achieving myriad peaceful goals, like producing electricity, purifying water, treating cancer and producing high yield crops.

Pakistan’s achievements

Pakistan has a remarkable record of exploring nuclear technology for peaceful uses. It has made considerable progress in the fields of energy, agriculture and medicine, utilizing nuclear technology. It has also employed nuclear energy for industrial uses, biotechnology and disease control. These achievements are often overlooked in the context of sensitive security environment of South Asia, which keeps local and international analysts preoccupied with the military component of the nuclear program.

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