Experts highlight barriers in development of EVs

Lahore: Energy experts have highlighted major issues and challenges on the development of electric vehicles (EVs) which included higher prices and barriers in the availability of the grids along the major highways.

One day CPD training was conducted by Energy Training and Research Center (ETRC) Lahore on November 28, 2020, on “electric vehicles and energy storage”.

Dr Izza Anwer was the resource person for Electric Vehicles and Energy Expert Engr. Faiz Bhutta was the resource person on Energy Storage and Businessman Mir. Zaffar Jabbar was the presenter on practical issues and challenges in Electric Vehicles charging and EV Policy.

Dr Izza Anwar gave a presentation on Development of EVs, types of EVs and EV Policy issues and challenges. She highlighted the major issue of higher EV prices, charging time, technical knowhow and lack of charging stations in Pakistan despite a lot of benefits of EVs.

Furthermore, she told that EVs are extremely suitable for Pakistan and the Government should encourage and develop ease in import and set of charging stations. Engr. Faiz Bhutta presented on LIB (Lithium-Ion Batteries) types, functioning, monitoring, Quality and standards.

Moreover, businessman Mir Zaffar Jabbar emphasized that the Government is in the process of removing import barriers under EV Policy 2019. He indicated towards a barrier in the availability of the grids along the major highways which is the big hurdle in the setting of charging stations at Highways.

The government should create awareness on the economic benefits of Electric Vehicles and provide incentives to increase the demand for Electric Vehicles. Subsequently, the objective is to encourage the users to switch from (ICE) to (BEV) and in this way prices of EVs can come down. He also suggested removing the difficulties on import of EVs.

Additionally, CPD is a Continual Professional Development program of Pakistan Engineering Council to upgrade skills of Engineers and Professionals. The Engineering professionals, businessmen and MS/PhD students attended a training. Lastly, the training ended with the promise to build collaboration amongst government and private sector for the development of policies and regulations beneficial to people of Pakistan.

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