Oil, gas companies’ Welfare Funds audit to be carried out

Audit of the Welfare Funds of all the oil and gas companies working in Tehsil Jand and Pindigheb of Attock district will be carried out at appropriate level to know the actual position and this audit report will be made public. Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said this while exclusively talking to this scribe.
He said that more than twelve oil and gas companies had been working in Attock since decades but did nothing for the uplift of area which was a question mark and no one knows how much funds these companies spent on welfare of area.
He said, these companies are neither providing job opportunities nor spending welfare funds as per the laid down rules and regulations which is beyond comprehension and said that the concerned ministry will be approached soon in this context. Malik Amin said, this govt is making efforts to give maximum facilities to the people and for the purpose billions are being spent. He said, Prime Minister Imran Khan is giving special preference and allocating funds for the uplift of less developed districts and its ample proof is allocation of Rs 4 billions for Attock district for provision of gas facility to different villages of the district.
While giving details of this mega project Malik Amin said that to overcome low gas pressure problem of the areas of NA55 (Attock, Hazro.)

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