CEO AEDB quits

ISLAMABAD: Chief Executive Officers (CEO) Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar, has resigned from his position purportedly in hope of getting the position of MD, NTDC, well-informed sources in Power Division told Business Recorder.

The Federal Government is likely to give additional charge of Chief Executive Officer of Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) to Managing Director PPIB, Shah Jahan Mirza, the sources added.

Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) is a statutory organization established under the AEDB Act, 2010. The appointment of Chief Executive Officer of the Board is governed under section 5 of the Act.

The federal cabinet approved the appointment of Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar as Chief Executive Officer of AEDB on July 30, 2019 on terms and conditions approved by Cabinet. Accordingly, his appointment was notified on Aug 9, 2019. He tendered his resignation on Nov 26, 2020 from contractual position of CEO AEDB with one month’s notice as per clause 14 of the terms & conditions of the appointment with request to accept it. The resignation tendered by the CEO AEDB is covered under clause 14 of the terms & conditions of the appointment and Section 3 of AEDB Act, 2010.

Power Division has sought approval of the Cabinet for the following: (i) acceptance of the resignation tendered by Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar, CEO AEDB with effect from December 26, 2020;(ii) allowing Power Division for initiating the process for appointment of the new CEO AEDB; and (iii) approval of terms & conditions which are “same” as were previously approved by the Federal Cabinet.

Power Division has further proposed that any of the following officers may be appointed as CEO AEDB as additional responsibility till the appointment of regular CEO AEDB: (i) Shah Jahan Mirza, Managing Director PPIB; (ii) Sajjad Ahmed, Joint Secretary (Administration), Power Division and; (iii) Ahmed Taimoor Nasir, Joint Secretary (Transmission), Power Division.

Power Division has also proposed the following selection committee for appointment of new CEO AEDB; (i) Minister for Power (convener); (ii) Secretary Power (member); (iii) Additional Secretary, Power (member); (iv) Additional Secretary, Establishment Division (member) and; (v) renowned professional from the private sector (to be subsequently nominated with the approval of Minister for Power).

The sources said the activities of CEO AEDB were very closely monitored by the Power Division as many renewable energy projects are being sponsored by the World Bank, adding that since the position of MD NTDC is vacant and the process of appointing one is about to start Rana Abdul Jabbar is purportedly interested to get that position.

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