Unsavoury truths about power tariffs’ – III

Again, this sector also needs to be developed around energy-efficient green building concept if we ever want to solve our energy crises. In an efficient environment, building sector consumes about 40% of total energy and in our poorly-designed building environment, we waste too much energy and there is no attempt to follow even the essential requirements of Pakistan Building Energy Code. How can the government allow any building project without enforcing the Energy Code?

Another misperception in green concept is that trees “convert” carbon di oxide to oxygen? In reality, the carbon content stays in the tree till the end and all carbon is released when the tree wood is either burnt or rots! The most efficient way of greening by trees is to provide shade from strong summer sun to ensure that less energy is used in providing comfort cooling inside the building.

We need to follow the basic requirements of energy conservation all the way to cover efficient buildings for minimum consumption, efficient generation and theft-free efficient transmission.

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