Collaboration between Sialkot and Chinese industry urged

Speakers at online Innovation Summit 2021 stressed the significance of enhanced cooperation between Sialkot and Chinese industry.

They also put forward recommendations including making full use of the existing platform, establishing joint ventures, strengthening the collaboration of chambers of commerce and developing e-commerce.

They also called for increasing the scale of visits and exchanges on a webinar titled “Branding Pakistan: Complementarity through development of Innovative Export market of Sialkot” under Online Innovation Summit Sialkot 2021.

Hassan Daud Butt, CEO KP BOIT, said on the occasion that Sialkot has done tremendously well as an economic growth sample, however, some small gaps still need to be bridged.

He requested Chinese entrepreneurs to consider the possibility of establishing joint ventures with Sialkot’s industry, which has a wonderful setting and understanding of how to make the best of the environment.

Appreciating the contribution made by Chamber of Commerce in promoting economic development, Hassan Daud Butt proposed chambers between China and Sialkot to directly establish a mechanism, through which the process can move forward faster.

“IT skills should be added to enter a new era of artificial intelligence.

Computers and the Internet will directly link some cottage industries to markets in China and elsewhere,” Mr. Hassan added.

The importance of utilizing existing platforms to boost Sialkot exports was stressed by Peter Huang, Partner, CPEC Business Platform.

He extremely maintained that the Pakistani Embassy and Consulates in China has given full play to its various functions and plays an important role in promoting bilateral trade cooperation.

“Chinese entrepreneurs prefer to seek partners recommended by government agencies, and if government agencies get enough brand information, embassy or consulates will more easily recommend products to interested Chinese buyers or investors.

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