OGRA slashes price of LPG cylinders

ISLAMABAD: In a monthly price review, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has slashed the prices of domestic and commercial LPG cylinders with effect from Thursday (April 1).

On Wednesday, the Ogra notified new LPG prices for domestic and commercial LPG consumers owing to decrease in prices of LPG internationally and low consumption.

The regulatory body announced to reduce the price of domestic cylinder by Rs166 and rates of commercial LPG cylinder also came down by Rs640.

The prices were reduced following reduction in the production cost also reduced by Rs12,048 metric ton.

In the current month, the LPG will be available at Rs146 per kg, which was Rs166 per kg in March (last month).

After reduction in the prices, domestic cylinder’s new price is Rs1,719, which was Rs1,885 in March.

The new price of commercial LPG cylinder is Rs6,612, which was Rs7,252 in last month.

The petroleum levy is being charged Rs4,669 per MT and GST at Rs 21,161.84 per MT.

The consumer price is Rs124,481.39 MT and the final price is Rs145,643.23 MT.

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