Pakistan vaccinates over 200,000 people in a day: Asad

In a positive sign, the number of registrations for the coronavirus vaccine have been increasing significantly as over 200,000 people got vaccinated against the virus on Tuesday, said Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, the federal minister noted that the number of registrants of the coronavirus vaccines in the country has exceeded the five million mark. He also urged people who are 40 or above to get themselves vaccinated against the coronavirus, adding that people should continue observing coronavirus safety protocols.

Pakistan is currently vaccinating people who are 40 plus and healthcare workers with Chinese vaccines. A digital portal has been launched by the federal government for the registration through which a code is assigned to the person and then they can go to a designated vaccination centre to get the jab.

The minister had previously announced that over 150,000 people were vaccinated across Pakistan on May 3. Meanwhile, Asad Umar said that with the implementation of successful strategies of the government, the country is witnessing a historic increase in active taxpayer network and about 2.5 million people have filed their annual income tax returns.

The government would continue walking down the path of stabilization while moving towards stimulating growth in the economy, he said while speaking to a news channel. Positive signs in Pakistan’s economy were seen during the ongoing fiscal year 2020-21, with remittances growing, tax collection going up and the primary balance turning into a surplus worth, he said.

He explained that the government inherited a very precarious economic situation in 2018 and therefore had to introduce strict financial discipline to curtail excessive government expenditures, increase revenue collection, introduce market-driven exchange rate, remove large tax exemptions and discourage imports. During COVID-19, Asad said, the government introduced smart lockdown to balance the imperative to contain the spread of the disease with the need to keep the economy functional, adding that Pakistan’s economic situation is far better than other countries.

He said despite COVID-19, Pakistan has registered an upward trend in foreign remittances, which is a clear reflection of confidence in Pakistan’s economic framework is stable as the government has focused on ending the energy crisis, which is necessary for industrial expansion and job creation.

Replying to a query, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan is the only leader who highlighted the grievances of Karachi and took bold decisions for the welfare of the neglected city, adding that around 20% of electricity is being provided to Karachi only. He said the power system is better than the previous years and the federal government has “forced the KE to build a proper power distribution system”.

He said as per commitment, the federal government will not leave the people of Karachi alone in a difficult situation and will take all possible measures for the resolution of the hardships faced by Karachiites. Talking about inflation, he said the PM has serious concerns over the issue of high prices and people would get relief from it soon.

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