Govt working on projects to generate electricity at cheaper rates: Aliya Hamza

Parliamentary Secretary for Textile, Commerce, Industries and Production and Board of Investment, Aliya Hamza Malik on Wednesday said that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, was working on projects to generate electricity at cheaper rates.

“Various Hydro power projects are under consideration to generate electricity at cheaper rates,” she said while responding to PPP Leader, Saleem Mandviwala’s press conference.

She said, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had recovered Rs 300 billion from Omni Group. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently released its report in which Bloomberg mentioned that Pakistan’s debt to GDP has not changed during the last one year while other emerging countries have increased by 10 percent.

GDP in India went down to minus 7% and worldwide to minus 3% but Pakistan’s GDP grew by 4%, Aliya Hamza added.

Under the PPP government, $10 billion was being borrowed every year while the incumbent PTI government had brought down the figure to $3billion. The PTI government, she said, had borrowed this to pay interest on their expensive loans.

Sharing the achievements of the government she said, the country’s growth rate is 3.94%. Foreign exchange reserves are touching the figure of $23billion. The exports will reach close to $25billion in two months while the remittances are about to reach $29billion.

The PPP, she claimed, was not able to collect even Rs 1,500 to 2,000 billion tax revenue during its tenure. At the end of this financial year, the PTI government’s tax revenue will be Rs 4700 billion without any tax amnesty scheme, she said.

Petroleum levy was reduced from Rs 30 to Rs 4 with the objective to provide relief to the masses, she added.

The incumbent government has given the first SME policy. For the first time during the 70-year history of the country, large-scale manufacturing has reached 10.4%. Pakistan is now exporting masks and ventilators, she said.

Pakistan was among top 30 countries of the world in terms of covid vaccination as the vaccination rate of Pakistan is higher than India.

Due to the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the circular debt has been brought to Rs. 200 billion from Rs 450 billion.

Due to foreign policy of Pakistan, a resolution was passed in the United Nations in favor of Palestine and against Israel, she added.

Pakistan is part of Afghan peace talks. Pakistan is starting trade not only with Iran but also with Afghanistan.

Business facilitation in Pakistan has improved by 18 points. Pakistan has gained 20 points on business-friendly policies.

Sugarcane growers are getting Rs 300 per 40 kg whole wheat growers are being paid Rs 1850 per 40 kg. The bumper production of six crops has been achieved.

The federation has given a budget of Rs 4,000 billion to Sindh during the last 13 years, but the rural areas of Sindh are among the most devastated areas of the world, said Aliya.

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