No forced load shedding in country during last 12 hours: Hammad Azhar

Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar on Friday shared that there has been zero forced load shedding in the country during the last 12 hours.

Taking to Twitter to share the details on power supply in the country, Hammad Azhar said that 1500 megawatt electricity was added in the last 48 hours to the national grid while more would be added today.

On June 3, Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar said K-Electric has been provided 200 more megawatts of electricity to rid Karachiites of power cuts.

In a message on his official Twitter account, the minister said that the port city’s sole power distributor had already been getting 350 MW additional electricity and in order to rid the citizens of Karachi of load-shedding, the power supply to K-Electric from the national grid has been increased by 200 MW.

The duration of power load-shedding in high-loss areas has been increased by up to 11 hours, while the areas exempted from load-shedding were also experiencing power outages up to six hours a day.

Sources said that the soaring temperature has taken the power demand above 3300 MW in the port city while the gap between demand and supply has reached 700 MW.

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