MoCC urges Interior Ministry to take action against CDA official over alleged misconduct with IWMB staff

The Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) on Wednesday urged the Interior Ministry to take action against the nominated senior official of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on his alleged misconduct with the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) staff.

The MoCC in its second letter written to the Interior Ministry has nominated a senior official of the CDA Rana Tahir Hassan Khan accusing him of misconduct with the IWMB staff.

The letter written to the secretary interior also said that the said CDA official had been ‘rude’ and ‘threatening’ to the chairperson and other IWMB staff. 

The letter available with The Nation about misconduct of CDA official Rana Tahir Hassan Khan said that the undersigned is directed to refer to IWMB, letter No 07(02) IWMB 2021, dated 24th June, 2021 addressed to Joint Secretary (ICT/Development), inter alia copy of Ministry of Climate Change on the subject cited above and to state that IWMB chairperson has reported the misconduct of Mr. Rana Tahir Hassan Khan Director Environment (CDA).

The said official has been reluctant to attend the IWMB meeting on one pretext or the other despite being the member of Board. Moreover, it has also been complained by the chairperson that Mr. Tahir Hassan has been rude to her and threatening to her as well as to IWMB staff,” said the letter.

It also said that he (the CDA official) has also refused to vacate the office which is still occupied by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) inside the Marghazar zoo being asked several times to cooperate with the IWMB.

“This shows that the behaviour of Mr. Tahir, Directorate Environment CDA is unbecoming and tantamount to misconduct,” said the letter.

The letter also said that in view of the above, it is therefore requested that the complaint submitted by the IWMB chairperson on issue may please be considered and necessary action may be taken as deemed appropriate.

Meanwhile, the CDA has transferred the Director General (DG) Environment Naveed Khan and Director Environment nominated by the MoCC Rana Tahir Hassan Khan from their positions.

The notifications available with The Nation said that the DG Environment has been transferred as DG admin, while Director Environment Rana Tahir Hassan Khan has been transferred as director EPC to supervise the work of the Model Forestry Park Malpur project.

Chairperson IWMB Rina Saeed Khan said that the CDA has transferred two officials, Director Environment Regional Rana Tahir who had been bullying and threatening our staff for last six months and was behind yesterday’s sad incident on trail 4. She said that MHNP is not anyone’s “territory.” It belongs to wildlife and citizens of Islamabad.

She also said that we hope this will lead to better coordination on ground so we can protect MHNP.

“We are living through climate emergency: era of roads and development in park should come to end,” she said.

Earlier, Director Public Relations CDA Asif Raza Shah had said that the concerned official of the CDA has been transferred while facts will be determined later.

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