The above announcement about KANUPP’s closing came from a classmate friend from UET who has been part of the Plant’s team. His message is copied below.

Tomorrow on first August KANUPP will be shutdown permanently at 1641 hrs. First criticality of KANUPP reactor was achieved on first August 1971 at 1641 hrs. KANUPP belongs to first generation of commercially operated PHWR reactors. Out of first four NPPs, two were installed at Canada, one in India and one in Pakistan. All reactors except KANUPP were shutdown several decades ago. Only KANUPP has achieved fifty years of safe operation and still in operation. It was the first major milestone in the development of nuclear industry related to power generation strategic goals. A true symbol of success and pride for Pakistan.It has been a privilege for me and thousands of other professionals who worked at KANUPP.

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