NFEH launches monsoon plantation campaign in KEPZ

The National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) has joined hands with the Midas Safety and Orix Modarba to launch a monsoon tree plantation campaign in the Export Processing Zone, Landhi.
The same industrial estate of Karachi was selected some three months back to plant 300 plant saplings that have grown much due to proper care and protection. The back-to-back plantation drives have played an important role in increasing the green cover in the industrial zone.
The saplings of fruit-bearing trees were specially chosen for the latest plantation drive. The central idea of the event was that instead of displaying buntings on the festive occasion of Independence Day, August 14, tree plantation campaigns should be conducted across the country to make Pakistan clean, green, and pollution-free. The trees, no doubt, are the best gift to the motherland, said the speakers on the occasion. Participants of the event prayed for security, safety, development, and progress of Pakistan and also to make our motherland a pollution-free state.
Those who attended the occasion expressed the resolve to take care of the saplings planted at the site and also to do similar plantation campaigns in other industrial estates of Karachi.
Speaking on the occasion, NFEH President, Naeem Qureshi, expressed his gratitude to Orix Modarba and Midas Safety for extending all-out support for conducting the monsoon plantation campaign in Karachi. He said that more such events would be held in Karachi to plant saplings in view of the monsoon season and the upcoming occasion of Independence Day August 14.
He said that up to 5,000 tree and plant saplings would be planted in Karachi in the current season as they would also be properly nurtured for their growth.
Also present occasion were NFEH Vice-President Engineer Nadeem Asfraf, Raheel Qamar Ahmed CEO of Orix Modarba, Nadir Shah Head of HR, Mehar Zehra AM HR of Orix Modarba and officials of Midas Safety include Hani Ul Nasir, Naveed Abid, Farooq, Syed Anas and Sharjeel Ahmed.

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