Gwadar Water, Power Shortage

The Makran division of Balochistan has been suffering from critical water and electricity shortages for more than a decade now. Unfortunately, calls for reform and refurbishment have fallen on deaf ears. The provincial government has remained oblivious of the problems that the residents of Gwadar face. On social media, Gwadar is often presented as a developed coastal town with all the latest facilities. However, that is far from reality.

The display of pictures on social media only paints half the picture, the other half being that most of the town is in a bad state. Shortages of water and electricity have caused major problems for the residents, severely impacting their livelihoods. As a result of this, several residents took to the streets last week in protest. Fishermen and other local workers blocked the roads and protested in front of the press club. However, the protest was not met with any seriousness by the provincial government.

Gwadar is a major town of Balochistan and it is unfortunate that residents must continue facing obstacles in their day to day lives due to the negligence of a few. I want to urge the relevant authorities to consider the concerns of the residents of Gwadar in earnest and tend to these at their earliest.

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