Out dated thinking on power sector

Some foreign consultant must have told this gas thing to CCoE in English, otherwise we have been telling this to them since 2015. Still it is not energy efficiency they are striving for but to utilize excess “must run” capacity they have contracted. Unfortunately their thinking is outdated and they would be trading one evil with the other. The increase in parasitic domestic load in winter won’t help much apart from saving a little bit of gas.
The GoP should look for more industrial load and stop importing engineering goods (and vegetables, cotton, wheat, sugar etc.) which can be/are produced In summers, the Differetial Load Shedding being done with NEPRA’s tacit approval should be done away with.

The SAPM, Mr. Tabish Gohar, is on record that 23,000MW additional power will be added to the network within the next three to five years. In winters the peak load can go as low as 6000MW. The only solution is to increase the all season, GDP generating industrial load, stop all un-necessary imports and set up local industry (Eg. EVs). The railways on electricity can provide more efficient and sufficient load all the year round and can be done locally without any foreign help.

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