K-Electric Sees Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Business leaders there is a non-payment you plant and machinery from for the businesses to the con- at this point of time and that’s Wednesday. During the first discuss challenges, cannot go and disconnect across the globe. “We had sumers. Covid-ig has obviously why they have been avoiding phase (2015-2020) of CPEC, power. The entity lost a few only one meeting for the plant increased it manifold.

The the digital system,” he said. the as harvesting projects changing work million rupees and that is before the infection outbreak financial sector has to do it. SBP Governor Reza Baqir has including power plants, roads model in the wake the reason why we reported a and rest of the project work Otherwise, itwill be wiped off. said digitalisation is picking connectivity and Gwadar of pandemic loss last year,” K-Electric CEO was done online,” he said. This is dearly the direction.” up at a very fast pace and it port were developed to revive Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi While the rest of the country He added, “I foresee the is rapidly increasing. “So the Pakistan’s economy.

“We, SALMAN SIDDIQUI said while speaking at a panel had announced to adopt the branches of the banks are telecom sector will act as a Pakistan and its friend China, KARACHI discussion on ‘Reimagining ‘work from home’ model to probably going to be relevant major distribution channel.. started exploring Mar Coal as The year 202o was a bad year Leadership, Productivity cope with the challenge, the for a while, may be in our 4G and 5G are going to play a the West and the EU were not for businesses induding power and the Workplace’ at the power company’s workers re- country for 5 to lo years, but key role,” he said. interested in investing in the utility companies and pariicu- Leaders in Islamabad Business mained available in the fields the model is going to change project,” he said. larly for K-Electric, which re- Summit.

“And this year (2021) to ensure supplies to “3.1 mil- absolutely. And the models are CPEC and the way forward CPEC phase-II (2021-2025) ported a loss during the year we are seeing growth, surpass- lion customers (on K-Electric going to be largely technology Special Assistant to Prime is about expansion and de-in the wake of the Covid-19 ing any rate witnessed in the network) through uz000-kilo- driven and the branches are Minister on CPEC Khalid velopment particularly of pandemic. With the begin- past. Asa utility hopefully we metre network ofwires, whith going to be more like super- Mansoor said that before industries, agriculture, phar-ning of the end of the crisis, are going to deliver.” caught faults sometimes, but markets where there are vari- the power plants were set maceuticals, and information the Karachi-based power firm.

The company is nearing were fixed,” he said. ous financial production being up in Pakistan during the technology, he said. Out of foresees a record growth in its inauguration of the newly Faysal Bank Limited sold,” he said. first phase of China-Pakistan $53 billion investment com-production and sales in 2021 set up goo-megawatts RLNG- President & CEO Yousaf Now, the dilemma at this Economic Corridor (CPEC_, mitments, worth $16 billion “The biggest challenge in fired power plant which was Hussain said the pandemic point of time is that the finan- there were 16-18 hour long projects are already in place that point of time (Could) was built during the pandemic to has accelerated digitalisation cial sector is required a lot of power outages in the country. including power plants of while the industries were ensure the forthcoming power of the finandal sector.

“There investment to go digital. But This had crippled business and 5,3ooMW, optical fibre tele-shut and commercial activi- demand in the city can be is going to be an amalgama- the returns are slow. “Because the economy in the country. communication lines, Gwadar ties were shut, we were told… met. Setting up such plants re- lion of digital and financial of being a cash economy, and His comments came dui- port and free zone in the port you (KE) should provide unin- quires 30-4o engineers moving sector technology. All of these taxation reasons…, people ing another session on CPEC area and sodo-economic devel-terrupted power and even if through the world and getting are emerging as a new channel don’t want to be documented at the business summit on opment, he said.

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