Fumio Kishida officially elected as 100th Prime Minister of Japan

Japan’s parliament elected Fumio Kishida to serve as the country’s Prime minister. The new prime minister is scheduled to dissolve parliament next week and call for elections on October 31.

The Japanese parliament announced the selection of Fumio Kishida as the new head of the Japanese government, after the entire previous government, led by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, resigned.

Fumio Kishida was officially elected Japan’s prime minister on Monday after winning the majority of votes in both houses of parliament.

Fumio Kishida, who served as foreign minister from 2012-2017 in Shinzo Abe’s government, won the vote last Wednesday to elect a new leader for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Kyodo said the new government will keep Toshimitsu Motegi as foreign minister, while Shunichi Suzuki will be appointed as finance minister.

The current Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced in early September his decision not to run for the presidency of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, which implies his resignation from the premiership.

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