The Company Won the Bid for Pakistan Qasim Energas LNG terminal Project

On September 14, the company won the bid for the Qasim Energas LNG terminal project in Pakistan. The project owner is Energas Terminal Company, with a construction period of 18 months.

  The main construction content of the project includes the design, procurement and construction of a butterfly-shaped pier structure capable of berthing a 174,000 m3 floating gasification vessel (FSRU) and a 266,000 m3 liquefied natural gas carrier (LNGC-QMax) at the same time. Fanggang pond dredging, about 9 kilometers of gas pipeline (including 3 kilometers of underwater horizontal directional crossing section, 1 kilometers of sea pipeline section, 5 kilometers of land pipeline section), land metering station and process equipment and pipelines, automatic control, water, electricity, Supporting projects such as fire fighting, navigation and communication.

  This project includes all-element design of this type of project such as technology, electromechanical, civil engineering, fire protection, communication, automatic control, etc. The conceptual design and feasibility study are all led by the company. It is the company’s first time to engage in the technology, electromechanical, and communication of this type of project. , The automatic control design has laid a solid foundation for the company to undertake this type of project in the future.

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