Abu Dhabi Energy Sector To Achieve Sustainable Development: Awaidha Al Marar

Awaidha Murshed Al Marar, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), has said that the energy sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is moving towards developing its potential, thanks to the support and directives of the wise leadership.

“We aim to increase the efficiency of the energy system, secure the supplies, and contribute to preserving the environment in a way that will help achieve sustainable development goals and provide further opportunities in support of the national economy,” he added.

In a statement to mark the World Energy Day celebrated every year on 22nd October, Al Marar said that DoE has adopted a number of policies and plans that aim to help achieve the goals of the UAE Energy Strategy 2050. “We want to boost the efficiency of the energy and water sector and improve the quality of its services. In addition, we want to find innovative solutions to monitor consumption, enhance clean and renewable energy, increase its contribution in the energy mix of Abu Dhabi, as well as preserve natural resources from waste to meet the current and future demand,” he said.

Preserving the environment and achieving sustainability of resources are of key significance to Abu Dhabi’s energy sector, he said, adding that it will also help lessen carbon emission and contribute to UAE’s climate and environmental commitments.

DoE has taken many initiatives to involve society and spread awareness about the significance of energy, water and natural resources.

“The World Energy Day is an important opportunity to cooperate and find practical solutions that will help build an integrated model for deploying the sector’s capabilities in societal development and contribute to the UAE’s journey for the next 50 years and build a sustainable future for next generations,” he added.

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