Minister to take up gas issue

Makhdoom Hashim Javan Bakht, Punjab’s finance minister, on Thursday assured All Pakistan Textile Mills Associations (APTMA) for pursuing issue of gas shortage to the export industry with the federal government.

He was talking to a APTMA delegation led by central chairman Abdul Rahim Nasir and other office-bearers.

The minister assured the delegation of full support from the provincial government to make the export industry operate on its ‘full bloom’ and to make gas available to them to continue their business activities.

“Punjab will leave no stone unturned in supporting smooth functioning and growth of export industry to maintain the momentum of upsurge in exports,” Bakht said.

He told that the government had pinned high hopes on the export-oriented sector for creation of jobs and new investment in the country. Meanwhile, the APTMA delegation expressed that RCET (Regionally Competitive Energy Tariff) provided by the current government over past 3 years had yielded satisfying results. They added that the industry had delivered to the nation by investing Rs450 billion in machinery for capacity enhancement.

“This has resulted in an increase of $500 million in exports each and every month in FY22 so far,” said Nasir.

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