FESCO to spend Rs6.1 billion for purchasing new transformers, electric poles, wires

FESCO’s Board of Directors (BoD) has approved the purchase of new transformers, electricity poles, wires and other gadgets with an estimated cost of Rs 6.1 billion to improve power transmission and  distribution system of the company. A spokesman for the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) said on Sunday the company had so far purchased 8200 new transformers, 8350 kilometers conductors of 11-KV, 715,000 new  electricity meters, 500 steel poles of 58 feet length each and 23,000 dropout cutouts while 30,000 AMI meters would also be purchased to replace 15-kw load commercial meters. He said the material would also help in improving quality of service in addition to expediting issuance of new industrial, agriculture and domestic connections of electricity in FESCO region. He said the company had so far received 600 transformers, 80,000 meters PVC cables and FESCO Chief Executive Officer Engineer Bashir Ahmad also issued necessary directions to install electricity supply connections in addition to replacing defected meters, transformers and electricity lines. The work would be completed at a brisk pace and all targets would be accomplished before the commencement of summer to give maximum relief to consumers during the hot season, he added.

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