Mari Petroleum Initiates Gas Supply from Ghotki

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) has announced the commencement of the supply of natural gas from its newly-discovered field in Ghotki, Sindh, to the distribution company.

According to the stock filing, the company has begun the first supply of gas from the Tipu compartment of the Goru-B reservoir of the Mari gas field.

Initially, approximately 20 MMCFD of pipeline quality gas will be supplied to Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) after processing at MPCL’s newly constructed Sachal Gas Processing Complex (SGPC) in District Ghotki.

The gas will be supplied via MPCL’s newly-built 25-km-long cross-country gas transmission pipeline. The construction and commissioning activities of the remaining phases of the project are progressing satisfactorily, and are aimed at being completed this year.

MPCL made a new significant discovery of gas in 2017, after its recent exploratory efforts at the Tipu-1 exploration well drilled in the Mari Drilling & Production (D&P) Lease Area in Ghotki. This well was spud-in on 5 July 2017 and is 3,944 meters in depth. It was drilled with the objectives to test the hydrocarbon potential of the Northern Compartment at the Lower Goru-B Sand level and assess the hydrocarbon potential of Semberas — a probable shale/tight gas potential.

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Speaking regarding the development, MD and CEO MPCL, Faheem Haider, said that after commencing the gas supply of up to 40 MMCFD of undrawn volumes of the (Habib Rahi Limestone) HRL reservoir to SNGPL in June 2021, this is another major milestone for the company, which demonstrates its commitment to enhancing Pakistan’s production of gas.


“The connectivity of Mari field with the SNGPL network via MPCL’s own transmission pipeline is a major achievement for the company that will go a long way in providing flexibility and maximizing gas production from the single largest gas field in the country,” he said.

Chairman MPCL Board of Directors, Waqar Malik, commended the company’s operational excellence in implementing the project. He revealed that once completed, the project will be a major milestone in MPCL’s history and will bring an increase of approximately six percent in Pakistan’s local supplies of gas.

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MPCL is the operator of Mari D&P Lease Area with 100 percent working interest share and is highly encouraged by the positive results of said seismic data that has identified additional new prospects at different reservoir levels, which it plans to drill in the next two to three years to chase the significant additional hydrocarbons in the area.

These successes are attributed primarily to Compa3’s extensive investment in the acquisition of 1,079 sq. km wide azimuth 3-D seismic data simultaneously imaging all the probable hydrocarbon-bearing zones/compartments and the currently producing reservoirs, which was followed by an extensive drilling program based on an investment of more than $60 million.

Mari Petroleum is operating seven D&P leases, has 11 exploration licenses, joint venture interest shares in six other exploration blocks, and four D&P leases.

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