Bangladesh Opts to Sell Surplus Power to Neighbours

As part of the power sector master plans, Bangladesh started cross-border energy trade with neighbouring India in 2013 with only 500 megawatts of electricity import.

Over the years, electricity import from India has climbed up to 1,160MW which is around 10% of Bangladesh’s total power consumption.

Every year, Bangladesh pays around Tk5,000 crore to India for importing electricity through cross-border transmission lines.

Nepal, Bhutan, and other neighbouring countries buy and sell electricity across borders with India through the Indian Energy Exchange.

Bangladesh has been concerned with its surplus power during winter, which has resulted in huge operational losses to the Bangladesh Power Development Board.

The amount of unused power in winter reaches a maximum of 60% of the total grid power generation capacity, which is 22,348MW.

Thus, the electricity exchange among neighbouring countries could be a boon for Bangladesh, say BPDB officials.

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